RM Error

Hi all

Can anyone explain why this rule is throwing this error constantly?

I would personally simplify it and do it this way. I have this rule and it runs without a hitch

front door lock changed
contact sensor changed

front door lock is unlocked
front door contact sensor is open
cancel delayed actions
else if
front door lock is unlocked
contact sensor closed
lock door delay 5 minutes cancelable

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Yeah I figured there would be a "better" way to make the rule. It does however seem to work like I want.

I just don't see any reason why it would be tossing the error though.

The owner of this thread was seeing the same error, and it was due to multiple triggers being received. Might be related.

It's because your creating delays on delays on delays. Each time the rule runs it's creating the a even in the future. Then it does the same for the next run when the 1st event hasn't even ran yet. So you have multiple versions of the rule running sequentially. You need to make you delays cancelable and cancel them at the beginning of the rule. This way if anything is scheduled when it re runs, it will cancel it first then create a new one.

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