RM Error: null object (allHandler)


Getting an error when the following rule executes.




Could you explain me what the rule is supposed to do?

Honestly you have some automations that I want to implement. Sorry.


I think it had something to do with using mode as both a trigger and condition or restriction. Tried changing to a triggered rule, with mode as a condition instead of restriction, same result. Deleted and recreated, same result.

Just changed to a rule with mode and switch as conditions, same actions, works correctly.


It's part of a group of rules that I have to fade dimmers up and down at sunrise and sunset. There's a target level that always changes at the same time, regardless of whether or not the switch is on. When the switch turns on, the dimmer goes to it's current target level.

This particular dimmer is trickier because I have it tied in to some motion automations that set it to a lower level at night, so I need to watch for switch changing to on while mode is home, as well as mode changing to home to set it back to it's target level.