RM Custom Command creation Problem

When I create a custom command and click on the "Save command now" button, it display a window "Add command" and says null. When I click on the Done button, it takes me back to the create custom command page I was just at. If I click on the Done button it goes back to a page and show the custom command, but there is just a Remove button, where I would think there should also be a save/done button.

I am running firmware and RM 2.9.3/2.9.8

Here's a video I made a while ago about making custom commands.

See if it looks like what you're doing?

I remember if I didn't hit the last Done it didn't seem to save.

You video is exactly the same steps I am doing, but when I click on the "Save command now" button, I get a null message and not a command: ... was added.

That's really the first foray into custom commands.
Maybe reach out to support.
They're great. :grinning:

If you could show screenshots of what you are doing, we can probably get it sorted out.

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Trying to create custom commands but can't figure out how.

Rule machine 4 or 3 only show create new rule - no tab to create custom command is displayed.

Does display create global variable. Created two and now I can't delete them.

Intialize String initialize()
Refresh String refresh()


Custom Command is being retired. Use Custom Action instead in either Rule 3.0 or Rule 4.0.