RM: Copy Rule 1 Action(s) and Paste into Rule 2

I know there is a previous post on this. I know there is an explanation at https://docs2.hubitat.com/apps/rule-machine/rule-5-1 ... To cut or copy actions from one rule to another, cut or copy the actions to the current rule's clipboard as described above. Then, toggle the Publish Clipboard? option to enabled. Then, open the other rule, navigate to its Select Actions to Run page, and choose the first rule from the Import Clipboard From dropdown.

For the life of me I can't work out how to implement these instructions. Can someone post a screenshot (or something) to make the set of actions "... and choose the first rule from the Import Clipboard From dropdown ..." clearer please?

Should be as straightforward as the following clicking sequence shows:


STEP 1. Choose the Action(s) to replicate...

STEP 2. Click the "Copy" button...

STEP 3. Toggle the "Publish Clipboard?" feature...

...so that it is activated...

...and close the source rule by clicking "Done".


STEP 4. Open destination rule and click "Paste Clipboard" button...

...whereupon the copied Action(s) will appear as the final step(s).


Thanks. I appreciate the response. Still got a problem though.

So I'll give you some details ... hopefully you can work out what I am doing wrong ... as you say this should be straightforward.

My browsers were idle for a couple of hours, with Hubitat running. When I fired up my destination app ... I did see my previously "published" line of code. So I could paste it as you describe.

My problem is that using you instructions, after I publish another line of code, the Clipboard does not refresh. I closed an opened the destination rule again, but still no clipboard refresh.

Can you tell what I am missing?

So here is the source ...

And here is the destination ... where the clipboard does not show the copied text ... so the paste (obviously) fails.

If you click 'Clear Clipboard' you should then be able to import the current clipboard I think.

Again, thanks to LibraSun and Grizzlebeard for help on solving this :clap: … I continued to work (what turns out to be … I think) a documentation issue. Clearing the Clipboard is the "problem" that I ran into ... simple, but not obvious (to me). All my Clipboards are in use (I make a lot of mistakes :grinning:) and hence the Import pulldown was not available. Hubitat operation seems solid … although not as intuitive as I would like. I would like to see the “Import Clipboard From” pulldown available at all times. I have reasoning behind this statement, but it is tangential to the solution!

I’d recommend the explanation at Rule 5.1 | Hubitat Documentation be updated to something like ... To cut or copy actions from a “source” rule to a “destination” rule, cut or copy the actions to the source rule's clipboard as described above. Enable the source rule’s Publish Clipboard? option. Open the destination rule, navigate to its Select Actions to Run page, and if the Clipboard is not clear, Clear the clipboard. With the Clipboard clear, use the “Import Clipboard From” dropdown to select which source app to copy the actions from.

This is what the process looks like (props to LibraSun).

STEP 1. Open the app, and select “Select Actions to run (and …” … scroll to and choose the Action(s) to copy to the Clipboard ...

STEP 2. Click the "Copy Selected Actions To Clipboard" button...

STEP 3. Enable "Publish Clipboard?" ...

... Enabled ...

(Not conclusive) It appears that both the source should be closed after the publish and the destination app should start from a closed state so that the Clipboard is refreshed.

STEP 1. Open the app, and select “Select Actions to run (and …” … scroll to the bottom of the actions ... If the Clipboard is already in use, select “Clear Clipboard”

With the Clipboard cleared, the Import “Clipboard From” dialog appears.

STEP 2. Use the “Import Clipboard From” pulldown to reveal the source apps that have published their Clipboards. Selecting the Source app to copy the action from (in this case “020.2 Arm/Disarm Notifier”).

Selecting the source copies the code from the source into the destination app’s Clipboard

STEP 3. The copied Action(s) in the Clipboard can be used to copy into the Destination app using the normal RM interface.

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Thanks for the feedback. The Rule 5.1 documentation has been revised to, among other changes, indicate that the import drop-down is not available if the clipboard in the destination rule is not clear.


Thanks for accepting the feedback. The rewording does make the concept much clearer. :+1:

I certainly appreciate the positive nature, and willingness to help, of this forum's community. :clap:

BTW ... My Hubitat/HSM/Konnected home alarm system went live yesterday! :grinning:


you're not alone, this confused the heck out of me

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