RM Conditional rules based on Send HTTP Request?

Hi folks,
I wanted to build a rule that issues a HTTP Get to retrieve a device status (it returns status in text/plain), then use the response as a condition in an IF statement as the next step. I've been doing some reading and it looks like that the "Send HTTP Request" is designed to be async only, so HE might not be able to sit and wait for the response back. Am I correct?
If so what have the seasoned vets done to query HTTP endpoints for status, store it as a variable then take an action based on the value using Rule Machine?

You can set a String Variable with the response to an HTTP Get (look under Set Variable) -- which uses synchronous HTTP. Then you can use that variable in a comparison for a conditional action.

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Thanks, but I’m not sure which option to pick under Set Variable. As per the screenshots below I only see two options under the action called Set Mode or variables... let me know if I’m looking at the wrong Action type.
Kindly appreciate any screenshots you may have to guide me to which action type to select.

Sorry Bruce! Classic RTFM issue! :flushed:

You have to create a variable first. Thanks for the pointer. Here's what you do.