RM and Power level

I'm attempting to optimize my rule execution and have run into an item that I'd like to resolve.

I have a ZEN15 feeding a television. I am utilizing the power to determine whether or not the television is on. Originally, I'd utilized Power level *changed as my trigger. Then, conditionally, if the power is greater than 50, I set a virtual switch to ON, otherwise it is set to OFF. This virtual is then monitored by another rule that utilizes the information as a presence indicator for other devices in the room. I've since changed the trigger to becomes > 20 and becomes < 10. (This change really didn't do anything help my problem.)

My issue, which occurs with either trigger setup, is that the television will go from 0 to 1.5 watts every few minutes. Each change, triggers the rule regardless of using the *changed or becomes. Looking at the count of calls for this rule to execute, I see between 300 and 400 triggers of this rule every 12 hours. These are with the television off.

I'm currently thinking about modifying the driver for this to force a value of 100 if over 50, and 0 if under. Not changing the value/sending an event if there is no transition across the 50 level. Effectively making it an ON/OFF indicator. This will, unfortunately, render power monitoring useless, but would likely reduce the number of times this rule executes to maybe twice a day.

This rule has triggered over 70,000 times in the last 57 days.

Any thoughts? Suggestions?

Have you tried adjusting the power reporting preferences for the plug? Maybe, something like this would limit how often it triggers but would trigger immediately if the TV turns on or off.

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This my current config on this device.

That's weird. With those settings, I wouldn't think the 0-1.5 watt changes would be reported.

Was my thought as well...

And you've hit "configure" on the device page? Sorry if this is obvious.

The suspicious thing as that all of the low power readings are accompanied by a zero power reading exactly 2 seconds later. The other question is what driver are you using?

Unfortunately, yes, I'd hit configure. Hit it again after first posting just in case. No joy.

Agreed, it's pretty consistent. Get a little parasitic load, drop back to zero. Lather, rinse, repeat.
Using the built-in driver currently.