RM 5.1 error?

My issue is with a RM5.1 rule and a hub variable where I entered the Hub variable using only the time dropdown.
I'm writing any groovy code, only using RM.

my error is:

Please show the rule in question. I'm not able to cause an error this way.

Ha! Yeah, the year 10007 is way out there in the future.

Perhaps your db is corrupted, you might want to address that.

I'm guessing the issue is with the hub variables, I have two of type datatime.
No matter how many times on the device page I set the variable to 11:16PM (using the drop down) it resets to 12:00AM

Here is the rule:

That's a UI display glitch for the connector device. If you look closely at the time string under Current States it shows 23:16 in the top one, which is 11:16 PM.


I re-loaded the database from when the firmware was I'll watch for the error tomorrow.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Its not my place to say but I would hope not to see you posting tomorrow :slight_smile:


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