RM 5.0 - Error when use local time variable in conditional statement

Hi Everyone, I have a error when I use conditional with a variable, example:


and when I try this:

Just for information, this Rule will have two triggers and I need to know that trigger start the rule, so I ask for time within the action for the reason above, but i can't. Why?

thank a lot

What build are you on? This bug has been fixed, but perhaps in the build waiting to be released tomorrow.

I build a rule for activate my house's alarm and I can activate with a button or an hour especific but the hour can change during the year, so , it's very easy change a variable that edit a rule. I wait for release tomorrow(what number release is?), thank a lot, in te another hand, there is a way to know what trigger execute the rule when I have 2 o more triggers in the same rule?