RM 5.0 Bug - cannot select button device after defining predicate, but can if you setup the predicate after the trigger

When setting up a new rule that has a predicate, if I define the predicate first, I am unable to add a button trigger - the list of available buttons does not appear.
If I first define the triggering event, the button does appear. I can then add the predicate.

Specifically, this is what I am aiming for:

But if I define the predicate first, then then try to define a trigger event on a button, I get the following:

When clicking on the "Button Device" button, nothing appears. Also, when hovering over the "Cancel this Trigger Event" the button flashes and does not reliably respond to any clicks - if I repeatedly click on it it does eventually take me back to the previous screen.

Thanks, clearly a bug. I will investigate.

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This nasty bug has been found and fixed. Fix will be in next release.


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