RM 5.0 action editor stuck in broken rule

Just reporting what looks like a possible bug in RM 5.0. I have a rule which started with 'delayed 0:0:1' action (simple pause).

After deleting a different action in the rule the delayed action shows as Broken action and the rule actions cannot be edited at all - the only option is is a drop-down for action type, which doesn't do any anything. All other choices are missing. It seems like the internal logic of the editor is confused.

I also noticed that the 'Manage Conditions' shows some junk conditions (Between February 1 and Janary 2, Time is 2:42 AM) which make no sense.

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Sure they do. That would be any day of the year except January 3 to 30 (this "wraps around"), and the 60 seconds that comprise 2:42 AM. :slight_smile: Why they're there is another story; you probably created conditionals that used them at one point, even if those actions were since deleted. Being there isn't really an issue regardless; they don't do anything unless they're actually used somewhere in the rule.

As for your actual problem, staff will probably have to comment on what would be helpful for them to find/fix that if they are not already aware. The specific action you deleted and whether you can re-create the problem in a new rule might be helpful, but they're pretty good about reading the forums and will probably have more/better things to say than the rest of us can guess...

This seems related to a report I made and @bravenel said is fixed in the upcoming 2.2.9 release.


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