RM 4 rule not working, I bet you can resolve it

Hello, I'm having issues with this rule, I have the garage outdoor light turned on all night at 25 percent and front porch light turned off, what I want to do is if the hue outdoor motion is triggered then to capture the status of those 2 lights, turn on the porch and raise the garage lights to 100 percent, then after 5 minutes restore the lights. I asked this before but the sensor was very sensitive so I never worked with it, I opened the sensor and added white tape inside the top of the bubble and now I don't get the cars detected in low settings and 60ft away.
Thanks for your help.

One issue I see is that your ELSE will be true (and so those actions will run) any time the time is not between sunset and sunrise, regardless of whether motion is active or inactive--so any time the rule gets triggered during these "off' times.

This would address that specific issue:

IF (Front Entry Motion active) THEN
  IF (Private Boolean is false AND Time between Sunset and Sunrise) THEN
    Capture: Front Porch, Outdoor Garage Light
    Set Private Boolean True
    On: Front Porch Light
    Dim: Garage Outdoor Light: 100
    Cancel Delayed Actions
  Delay: 0:05:00 (cancelable)
  Restore: Front Porch Light, Garage Outdoor Light
  Set Private Boolean False

There may be other things I'm not considering here. I was going to look at a rule I had set up to do this, but it wasn't quite the same so I couldn't help as confidently as I thought I could when I started writing this, but this might be a good start. :slight_smile:

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