RM 4 Converted!


So I finally got all my rules converted to RM 4. I also feel like I got my head wrapped around it now, and I’m finally enjoying creating rules and combining multiple rules.

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Any reason why all RM4?
I'm new here and I just converted all my Pistons from webcore to RM, some 3 some 4.
In some cases i could combine two RM4 rules into 1, using two IF statements in one rule.

This is absolutely fine. RM3 rules will continue to work. I think it is the feeling of "I have done the new thing" why people migrate them all to RM4. I still have RM2.5 rules and have no intend to migrate them unless something breaks or my automation requirements change.


Ah cool, good to know.
Some rules are very simple in 3, but can be quite complex in 4.
My more complex ones are all in 4.

No reason really. All my old rules would of continued to work.

I felt that I had an understanding so I felt like moving them.