RM 4 "Comment Out" feature request


I couldn't find this request, any chance we could get a new feature in RM 4 where we could comment out specific actions rather than remove them...

Kinda like how we can add before..., maybe Comment out then select from the drop down list

Thanks in advance

What about the new Clone feature? Can you clone a rule, disable it, then delete portions in the cloned rule? To "uncomment" just disable the clone and re-enable the original.

Yes, as a work around that does work and I do use that. Was just thinking having the ability to "comment out" would be easier, quicker and wouldn't have to remember what I am trying to do.

For example, I am testing a rule, and I don't want to send the message to my echo each time I trigger, would be nice to just comment out the notification, then remove it when I'm done

Just my $.02

No, we won't be introducing more UI complexity. There is a notes section in the rule where you can write down things to remember about it, and there is @csteele's suggestion.

Thanks Bruce for the consideration