Comment out actions - manually and when "Broken" happens

I suggested it would be handy to be able to comment out individual actions in rules. Didn't get a lot of reaction, but one or two thought it was a worthy suggestion.

Now I just went thru a problem with my Google Minis and ended up with about 100 rules that needed to be updated to get rid of the "Broken" actions. It would be a huge benefit to anyone who must fix a "Broken" action if the original action was still there. but "commented out" That way you can see what you need to rebuild the action, and perhaps you could even edit the action to fix it and remove the "Broken" comment. Now I don't know how much of a problem this would be for Bruce to implement, but at least put it on your "I'll think about it" list Bruce.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.


This has been requested many times in the past and was deemed to be unduly complicated. Rule Machine allows you to edit or delete an action or trigger. But you can't leave it there and have it not be executed. If you have a rule you want to try with some differences, I would recommend duplicating the rule, pausing the original and then modifying the copy. This will preserve the original while allowing you to test out other things.

Bruce had said in rule4 we are basically writing a script which will execute in the order we write it. When I fixed one of my "broken" scripts today I left the broken line in the rule. When I ran the rule it apparently skipped right over the broken comment. This made me think Rule Machine was treating it as a comment to be ignored.

May be wishful thinking on my part. Just threw it out as food for thought.

And Bruce's response to this EXACT same request previously.

So, i think that is definitive.