[RM 4.1] Broken action sequence

Here is my rule in RM 4.1 for tracking Illuminace:

Entire rule is filter for the condition when value from the sensor
(in this case - illuminance sensor) is jumping up and down instead of
gradually increasing or decreasing. (This rule is a filter for passing clouds.)
Actions before "IF" statement is a 3-stage shift register.
Without a DELAY between lines 1 and 3 and specifically lines 3 and 5
values for variables LV_CD_Ilum_2 and LV_CD_Ilum_1 are
always equal and equal to sensor value.
It looks like line 5:
Set LV_CD_Ilum_1 to Lr Computer Desk MultiSensor Illuminance
executed BEFORE line 3:
Set LV_CD_Ilum_2 to LV_CD_Ilum_1

Delay between lines 1 and 3 is not required but inserted just in case.
Without a delay between lines 3 and 5 rule is broken.

Am I missing something or this behaviour is somewhat normal?

I know, RM4.1 is not maintained anymore but so far I am happy with RM 4.1
I did not switch to latest 2.2.8 firmware following golden rule:
"Don't fix something if it is not broken".

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