RM 4.0 Show Conditions

Any chance that when we get to the end of defining a rule, just before you hit done, that the conditions we chose could show up under the actions so we can make sure they are correct before leaving the rule?

I assume you are talking about creating an expression for an IF-THEN?

Well, if they are incorrect there isn't anything you can do about it until you finish with the expression. Once you finish with it they show up and can be edited, which is carried into the expression you just made.

For example, suppose you have a condition of myTemp > 88, and you meant myOtherTemp > 78. You can change the device from myTemp to myOtherTemp, and change the temperature value from 88 to 78. But you can't do that once you've hit Done with This Condition while building the expression. So you make each condition, and if you've made a mistake, you can correct it later.

Actually I was trying to describe it as after you have created a rule and the very last stage (before you hit done) it shows a window with the trigger(s) and a window under that with the actions. I was asking if there could also be a window under actions that showed what conditions we have chosen so we can see if there are any problems there (dups) or if that is what we wanted.

the only conditions that matter will be in the run actions window. that is where you define what conditions you are using in your rule. the conditions in the conditions box may or may not be part of the rule and are not necessarily evaluated unless they are defined in the actions section of the rule.

To put a finer point on it, the are not evaluated unless they are part of an action that runs.

So a condition must be part of an IF statement in order to be evaluated? Or does the condition have to be part of an AND?

So IF this, AND "condition" Then this?

Only conditions that are part of your actions get evaluated as the action script gets to them. Some may be skipped, for example if inside an IF-THEN block that was false, so skipped. There could be many conditions in the section that shows them on the action page, and those are just there for convenience. Only if they are actually used in an action do they mean anything. For example, for most (but not all) Trigger Events, RM automatically creates a corresponding condition because you might want to use it. You don't have to use it, and if you don't it doesn't matter that it's there in the list.

That is not what I was thinking but now that you explain it that is why I was seeing conditions listed but were not actually in the actions. Thanks for the explanation.

For the ones that are in your actions, you can edit them if you need to change them, by opening that section and selecting Edit Condition. This is valuable especially for the complex expressions in IF-THEN conditional actions.

Yes, I finally figured out how to go in and change a condition finally, you can edit and select a different one or delete ones you don't need. thanks