RM 4-0 minor bug (log US text formatting)

I'm playing with RM 4-0. Think i'm getting the hang of how to write the rules to get them processed correctly. The logging of the output from rules is great.

I noticed that when i look at the live log, the execution blocks within a conditional IF statement are marked in the log with a strikeover font if they are not executed. Its a really nice visual.
If i look at historical log data, i don't see that, i see the (<span style=>...) block in the log text.
Example below.

I assume its a minor bug in rendering? Doesn't bother me, but figure i should share.

( ELSE-IF (Garage can lights(<span style='color:black'>on</span>) is off(F) [FALSE]) THEN (skipping)


Also seeing this here in Past Logs, instead of the strikeout:

<strike>Action:     Set TotalTime to (TotalTime + TimePassed)</strike> (skipped)

As you said, a minor bug in rendering.

This isn't Rule-Machine-specific and is the expected behavior at this time: Past Logs are presented as plain text, without HTML that may be included being rendered into formatting. This change was made a couple firmware revisions ago (just before the introduction of struck-out text for skipped Rule 4.0 actions), apparently due to problems that formatted rendering in past logs could cause that live logs are immune to (or maybe because they thought it would be helpful to see the raw text in some cases?).

So while it may change at some point, for now, it's as designed. :slight_smile:

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