RM 4.0 bug with a PM Time?

I made this rule:

I want the time I am waiting for to be 9:30PM but that wont take... no matter what I do... it only shows 9:30AM!!

Anyone else see this? I just updated to the latest firmware and same issue.

Nope. Not seeing that.


Did you enter the time in 24 hr. 21 30

I can't enter it in 24 hour format because I have it set to use 12 hour format.


You see? That's the highest number that it will allow me to enter. If I type in 2, it immediate puts it at 02 and jumps to the minute field.
Do you have your hub set for a 24 hour clock? If so, it shouldn't be displaying any times in AM/PM.

There are three fields for the time: the first is hours, the second is minutes, the third is AM/PM.

Yeah I don't know what is going on for me... it definitely wont take PM ... I can set it to PM but it just goes back to AM... maybe I'll try a different browser or something???

What browser are you using? Does it let you select PM with the time definition and it reverts on saving or it doesn't allow you to select PM when you hit Up or Down?

I am using Chrome. It lets me select PM just fine but reverts on saving.... thanks!

I'm using Chrome too and it works fine. Have you tried deleting the rule and recreating it?

There was once a bug with that. Try typing 09 and the select PM.

If for 9:30pm I enter 21:30 AM, then it takes it - and reports it properly as 9:30 PM

So I have to enter the time in 24HR format but it seems to report it in the rule in 12 hour format.

Strange ... and a little worrisome.

I can't enter things in the 24 hour format when my hub is set to 12 hour. I would contact support. It sounds like something might be screwed up in your database.

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Oh ok... thanks for the tip! Will do.