RM 3 - Lights Off With Cancel On Truth Change Help Required


This bug is a showstopper, really need the fix asap.


I'm having the same or similar problems with cancel on truth change.


Folks, a fix for this is in beta, so it will be released as soon as it's ready. Believe me when I say we are all eagerly awaiting it's release.


Have you confirmed that it fixed your issues, the beta?


Too early to say, sorry.


Deciding whether to re-write all my rules or wait for the fix to come out.
This is super annoying at the moment waking up to seeing lights left on.

might create a rule and run several times during the night to switch off all the lights until this fix is released.


That would be interesting for the time being. I haven’t tested it out, but if the light is off (because it’s been turned off by a second rule) but the rule cancel still has values, would the light come on during new motion


So I was wondering why my lights were not going off at night and found this thread.

But now last night to test, I removed the cancel on truth change from the rule but the rule still did not fire. The rule is mode and motion based, so when bedtime mode is active and no motion is detected from multiple motion sensors then turn off the lights after 5 minutes. But the rule said true and after the time delay nothing happened.

This same rule was working in RM 2.5.


This bug may have corrupted your rule states, even if you removed the cancel on truth change the bad state could still be present. To "fix" it temporarily you can select "update rule" this will clear the states. Pretty sure this will allow the rule to run properly without the "cancel on truth change" option.


I thought I did run the update rule, but I will try it again today to see if it works.

Edit: Looks like the rule does work after I removed cancel on truth and hit update rule.


Can you show the rule?


Any update on the code fix? This is a very serious bug that needs to be addressed rapidly. Thank you.


Agreed, most of my light automations are not working properly.

Needed a fix last week.


We are working on getting the fix released. It will be released as soon as we are done with testing. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused!


Still no fix. Are we close to completing testing? Thanks.


This should be a hot fix and not a major release. It's that big an issue.


We've been waiting for over 12 days, what's one more day. If we were cool we'd have the beta that half the hubitat world seems to have already. But at least I'm not alone in my suffering. :stuck_out_tongue:


1 day is too long for cancel on truth change.


I agree with the sentiment, but I want a fix that works over a fix that needs another hot-fix. I can suffer through a few more days manually turning lights off. I feel like a total plebe doing it, but I can slum it a few more days. It's tough, I spend time in front of a mirror every morning telling myself that I'm good enough to have a house that works for me, even though, for now, I have to turn lights off for myself. Oh god please end this hell. Why? Why! What did I do to deserve this! /sniff Sorry, I didn't want to show that side of me. Won't happen again. :crazy_face:

I do check several times a day for an update; all the while thinking this is the best team in the HA industry. Keep up the great work. Each update takes us closer to the ultimate HA brain money can buy. I'd keep typing but my glass is empty and I haven't automated my bar, yet.


I'm sorry for this inconvenience caused by bugs in cancel on truth change. I can tell you that these are now fixed, and that a new release should be forthcoming soon, probably early next week. We too want it to be solid, and not require hot fixes to work.

For most motion controlled lighting use cases, Motion Lighting can handle them even better than RM. And Motion Lighting does not have any bugs with respect to turning the lights off.