RL request, Between two Times in Time Periods

Would it be possible to add an option of "Between Two Times" in Room Lighting Time Periods? In my case I only need one specific Time period, between 0730 and 1630. Currently there's only a choice for beginning at a specific time. I am assuming the logic is that when the Next Time period starts, that will be the end time of the previous time period. But what about those instances when you only need one time period in a day?

Then don't use Time Periods at all. Use Between Two Times to limit Activation.

That’s what I’m trying to do. The rule in question would be motion activation all the time EXCEPT between 0730 and 1630 when it would jus be on. (preferably week days only, but I can accept it every day.

Like this, but with your times. You would invert the times, so it only between 1630 and 0730:

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Does This look about right?

It does.

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Thanks @bravenel , I appreciate your guidance.

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