RL groupState not going allOn

quick one.
I have a RL called "movie time" that turns off most of the light and dim a few to different level.
when I try to get a RM to trigger when the RL goes allOn it does not. the RL groupState is someOn, even though the RL shows as "active".

odly enough, the groupState works fine for RL that turns everything on. it will be at allOn when I active the RL, if I turn off a light manually, it will be at someOn, and if they are all off, well, it's at allOff.

could it be that when a RL has many light set to be off and some at different dim level, the groupState does not want to go allOn even though all lights are activated per the RL?

bug or by design?

RL shows as active


the RL light status. all match. should be a allOn

it's a someOn. why?


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am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

Try setting the devices you want 'off' to switches (they're dimmers now). Just click on the 'dimmer' text until it changes to switch.

thanks Bill for the reply!

like that?

that didn't worked. now the RL indicator stays always off. :frowning:

Yes, but that wasn't your issue. Sorry for sending you in the wrong direction. But I do now see what your issue is. Since you are using a scene you want to use the switch state in your rules. Scenes are either on or off, there's no partially set scene. The groupState that you are using won't show correctly for a scene that include lights that are off.

that's a room light. but you are right... my rule machine has an issue. state should be someOn, allOff or allOn. not off... good catch.

hum, that didn't fix it.
room light is active (as picture in previous post) but rule machine still show it as SomeOn


You have to use the switch state from the 'Film' activator device in your rules. Not the groupState. Groups don't have some members that are on and some that are off.

Here is a picture of a scene that includes both on and off devices. The scene is shown correctly as being on.
Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 8.42.32 PM

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so is that on purpose or a bug?
I tryed the same with a scene and it works great. created a Movie scene that turns everything off except 2-3 lights that are dimmed. works great. and I can have a machine rule that triggers when scene is on or off (well, either on or "not on")

that "ah ah!" moment... thanks!

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hum that does not seem to work. the activator switch does not keep up with status of the RL like the groupState does.
like if I turn on manually the 3 dimmers, the switch status will remain off while groupState went allOn. (that is if I dont have any dimmers off in that RL)

I think ill revert back to scene for those

The Scene status also takes levels into account. In the case all the lights are on but not at scene programmed levels the groupState would be allOn and the switch would be off. Scenes and groups seem like almost the same thing, but there are subtle differences.

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