RL ERROR - Cannot get property 'CM' on null object

@bravenel Getting this error ONLY when I command a single device using the red/green circle in the RL app. Was also getting it on firmware .136, thought it would be best to make a new post for this.

I did turn on the "Transition" thing at one point, I assume thats what capDevsT is for. I did not do anything with it, just turned it on, looked at it, and turned it off again. After that is when I noticed the error but it could have also been from one of the firmware updates that started it as well.

Mode is "2-Day" during this test

Don't mind the red X's thats another issue I posted in another thread.

States I know you are going to ask about :wink:


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This bug found and fixed.


@jtp10181 -- just wanted to say you are a hero for putting RL through its paces and catching these bugs lately... It's going a long way to help quickly mature RL as a very promising new service for the rest of us who don't have the chops to navigate troubleshooting & issue-IDing as effectively as you do -- thank you!


Odd, seems fixed for the original problem, now with v139 I am getting this when I check/uncheck the 'force' checkbox.


hmmm... not good. I think I know what it is, but will find out. Different version of the other 2203 error. It doesn't harm anything...

I am now getting this error. " Cannot get property 'CM' on null object"
How do I get into it to fix?

Did you remove a device? I'd remove that instance of Room Lights, and create a new one.

No, it has been working fine for several days. How do I remove it?

Hi Bruce, I found how to delete the child app in rooms and recreated it and seems OK now. Not sure what happened but appreciate you help.