Ring vs SimpliSafe

Hi all, I searched and didn't really find what I was looking for.

Background : I'm moving into a new place with no existing alarm system. I'm debating between Ring and SimpliSafe, I will maybe have it monitored, but haven't decided yet.

Is one a much better option than the other?

I have even using Ring for many years now and really like their offer. Their subscription price is very good and it offers a good monitoring service that has a cellular backup module.

They are very good at calling when alerts are not cancelled, their sensors are very good and their phone support is also decent.

A real plus though is the easy community integration to Hubitat. Note however that since it is not an official integration, there is always the risk of a change on their side breaking it.

Feel free to ask questions about their offer if you have any. I’ll be happy to share the information I have.

@Sebastien thanks for that info, i currently have a ring doorbell and flood light that I like, but did know if there was a better option to work with HE.

The nice thing about the Ring echo system is that your recording subscription also works as the alarm subscription if you have the higher tier.

There are other options, and others in the community will hopefully chime in to provide their feedback.

While the community integration work, Ring is my preferred option. If it were to stop working, I would likely reconsider. (Because I really like to have a link between my alarm and Hubitat).

We have had both, SS for 3 years (not connected to HE) then moved to Ring, like Ring a ton more

We use the integration and since we use the keypad about 2x per year, we have to ask each other what the code is... LOL

Good luck and enjoy

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