Ring Video Doorbell Config

Same old: don't reuse passwords, especially ones that have been compromised (that's the real issue here), and enable 2FA for things you really care about (I probably would for any indoor camera).


I've been slowly, methodically changing all of my overused passwords over. I've got all of my own personal ones switched. There are just a few of my wife's left. I'm trying to get her to do the same, but you know how that goes..
Now I'm going to start working through older passwords and up date them. I use a password manager that doesn't store them on their servers (enpass), and audits them based on the local data base for duplication and age of the password. I can't keep track of them all any more, so now I just have it use random strings or letters, numbers, symbols, etc. and use 2Fa and authenticator app wherever possible.