Ring V2 keypads including but not appearing in Devices

I am a newbie to HE who has successfully integrated Lutron Lighting and various Z-Wave devices into my C-8 HE hub. But I'm now stumped in now including two Ring V2 alarm keypads. Using SmartStart, both are reported "Included: Node 0X14" and "Included: Node 0X15", but neither appear in my hub's Devices list. Both do appear under "Logs>>Past Logs", both devices named the same: "Ring Alarm Keypad G2" (not what I named during inclusion). Both device ("dev 97" & "dev 98") logs show the same error:

dev:982023-06-06 02:20:02.642 PMerrorgroovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: java.lang.String.call() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.Integer) values: [2]
Possible solutions: take(int), wait(), chars(), any(), wait(long), wait(long, int) on line 110 (method configure)

What am I missing? Apps or Drivers code? Since the Ring Alarm Keypad V2 is listed as a Hubitat Compatible Device, I thought that it would be correctly recognized upon inclusion :>(

If you go to yourhubip>>settings>>z-wave details are they listed in there? (This vs the all in one devices page)

Yup, they're both there:

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Then you're good to go. But I would click on each of them and give them better names :slight_smile:

OK, renamed them and now they show up in my Devices list! Thanks!!

They were there already but you didn't see them... I've scrolled like that a 100 times and never saw them and then boom I did..