Ring V1 Keyapd as Button Device?

I have a Ring V1 and Ring V2 Keypad. There is a custom driver for the Ring V2 that allows it to be used as a button device. The built in driver for the V1 doesn't allow for this. Is there a driver out there that does? Or is it possible for the HE developers to add that in?

Just use button controller

Ok I found the built in app- Button Controller, but my Ring V1 keypads do not show up as a choice. I think it's because the current built in driver doesn't support it being used as a button device- which is my issue.

Hmmm @bcopeland any words of wisdom?


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Any way to change that? Or is it not possible because of the limitations of the G1 keypad?

@bcopeland Is that a feature that could be added to the driver? To also be capable of being a button device?