Ring to mirror HSM

I see several topics and reroutes to other topics on how to sync Ring Alarm with HSM. I am looking to for something like I have seem in the post:

Can someone just send me the link to the app and step by step? I just want to arm my HSM and have it trigger Ring to mirror it or vice versa, I dont need to download anything else but that.

Here is the link to the re-release of the Ring Integration.

I would recommend you install the Hubitat Package Manager first and install the Ring integration from HPM.

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I have seen this one before, but there is no instructions after that. What do I do next? I have mastered the HE system yet. This one seems a little more detailed.

Here are the steps from the beginning. Hopefully, it will help you go through the process to install Rule Machine.

Step 1: Select “Apps Code”
Step 2; Once in that screen, select “New App”

Step 3: Select Import
Step 4: Paste the following link:
and click on the “Import” button.
Step 5: Click on the “Save” button.

Step 6: Go to the “Apps” screen
Step 7: Click on the “Add User App” button

Step 8: Chose the app you want to install, Ex.: “Hubitat Package Manager” and follow the prompts.

Does that help?

Perfect, okay I have installed it, but what do I do next? Do I simply search for the Ring interrogation?

I went to install it, but the only package I have available is the auto off app that I have previously installed:

I installed all the drivers for the Ring unofficial app, now how do I get it to interact and mirror the HSM?

Once the App is installed, you need to:

Step 1: Go into it and login to your account
Step 2: Go to the Discover devices screen

Step 3: Select the devices you want to see/control in Hubitat
Step 4: Click Next and Done (Exit the app)

Step 5: Select “Devices” on the left to go to your device screen

Step 6: Under the “Home” location (“Home” will be whatever you name your location), Select “Ring Virtual Alarm Hub”. It should have been discovered and selected in step 3.

Step 7: Within that device, select “Sync Ring Alarm mode to HSM mode?”. With this checked, when you arm Ring, HSM will arm and vice-versa. If you want the opposite, Ring modes to follow HSM, you will need to create a Rule in Rule Machine that does that. Personally, I prefer that when HSM is armed, Ring gets armed, but I prefer that disarming HSM does not disarm Ring.

Let me know if that provides you with the information you need.


Thank you!

How do I get Ring to Mirror HSM, what device do I choose? I dont see an option for virtual alarm.

The built-in integration with HSM is only one-way. HSM will mirror Ring, but not the other way around.

To synch Ring with HSM, a Rule is required.

Here is an example of a way to arm Ring when HSM is armed. The rule could be updated to also disarm, but personally, I wouldn’t recommend disarming Ring that way as I suspect it is easier to disarm HSM than it is to disarm Ring...

Great, I am pretty green to Hubitat, after I set the trigger how do I get the ring part to follow? I am stuck at this step:

That part is not obvious. Here are the steps:

First, you create the If condition - Let me know if you need more details...

Then you will need to setup the actions:

Be sure to capitalize the parameter “Home” or “Away”, etc.

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For the string value, is set to default as Disarmed, Home and Away? Or do we need to set the string as well?

You will need to type it in. It ends-up being a parameter value to the “setMode” custom command. Makes sense?

If you go to the device, you’ll be able to see the “setMode” command and the parameters are in the drop down. In rule machine, they have to be typed instead.


Im lost on this part, I want to create 3 rules. One to Disarm the Ring, Arm the Ring when I am home and Arm Away. I just want all 3 modes to mirror so if I click arm on HSM, then Ring will be set to Away.

It can also be setup as separate rules. That will eliminate the “if” conditions.

Here is an example:

To setup the action, you can use the 2nd screenshot above. Just follow the drop-down from top to bottom.

I won’t be online for much longer this evening, but will be back tomorrow if you need more help.

You are the man!!!!! Thank you, now I can start paying the $10 fee for Ring lol.

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Thank you! Worked like a charm.

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