Ring security keypad G2

I am almost loosing the will to live over the inclusion of a Ring G2 security keypad. I have managed to set it up to "disarm" and "arm away" if I go to devices and click (set partial function) I can also set a "At Home Arm" but this third choice stops functioning shortly afterwards. I am using the community driver as it seems to be a HUGE improvement on Hubitat's poor effort. Has anyone got a working solution? Having read quite a few posts on the community (sadly after I purchased) It seems this has been buggy for over two years.

UPDATE, I had the misfortune to swap between Community driver, the "fix keypad" driver and the Hubitat driver. It is little surprise that even after deleting pins and resetting keyboard etc I have a dead keyboard. I have found through trial and error, I can probably fix this by removing and re-installing but really?