Ring Range Extender Gen 2 Stopped Battery Reporting

I have a Gen 2 Ring Range Extender that I installed late August and it’s consistently reported battery updates every 12 hours until last weekend 12/17. I haven’t added anything to my Zwave mesh in many weeks and the last hub firmware update was on 12/11. On 12/17 the hub was rebooted so that’s the only thing that happened that day and I have been out of town since then. I can go to Zwave settings and refresh the device successfully as well as run a repair but it still reports no battery updates.

Any ideas? I won’t be home for another week so nothing I can do physically with the device until then. Curious if others have experienced similar behavior. I am using the stock Ring Alarm Range Extender driver.

I have 6 of them sprinkled about, also using the built-in driver, never seen this. Too bad you can’t do anything physical with it, because my first test would be to unplug it and see if it generates the “switch to battery” event and then the “switch to mans” event when it is plugged back in.

Exactly where are you looking? If you are looking at the logs, is “Enable description Text logging” turned on for the device? If so, try turning that off, save preferences, then on, save preferences.

Do you see “Last Activity At” time change every day, or has that also stopped?

Does the battery charge indicate 100 in Current states as it should when the device power is mains?

Event history on the device. You should see several battery reports a day from your devices of 100% battery.

Last activity date is set based on the last event of 12/17 too.

I happened to notice this because I have a device monitor built in MySQL and NodeRed that keeps a date updated based on event and log history. Since this hasn’t had an event in a week I am getting notified it might be having issues. Just curious if anyone else has seen something similar.

When I get back home I will unplug it and back in to see if it corrects itself. Plus there has been another hub update that I need to apply when I get back home. I didn’t want to do it while away in case something happens with the update.

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Very wise. I have the same trepidation when I am on the other side of the country from my hub.

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I haven't seen any battery reporting (nor mains/battery notifications, I just tested) on mine since upgrading HE to (from

Thank you for the feedback. I am on, upgraded to that version on 12/11 and again battery reports stopped on 12/17.

Just checked mine, I'm on 121 and it's been reporting fine...

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I just excluded/included mine, and it seems to be back to normal.


Following up to this since returning home. I was hesitant to upgrade my hubs while traveling in case something happened. When I reported this issue I was on I upgraded to yesterday morning, which also restarts the hub, and the range extender started reporting battery updates. I did not have to unplug the range extender or anything else to the device. All good now.


Might be good to shut down and unplug the power for 20 mins (at the wall, not the hub) just to clear out the z-wave radio...