Ring price increase

Just another reason people should go with local devices... Reolink POE FTW!!

Having the Ring Alarm with Protect Plus is worth every penny.

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Personally I find the ring doorbell, as well as the eufy really laggy. I had a lot of frustrations because by the time the notification someone was at the door happened (lets say a delivery person) they would be getting into their truck or already gone by the time I could pull up video. It was killing me.... I ended up with a Reolink POE doorbell and between the picture and the speed I've been happy as anything. It's been nothing short of fantastic in comparison to others.

I have the ring alarm and doorbells free tier for years now. Worth every penny.
No lag for me at all. Ring Mqtt is also working great.

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I think they may be trying to get people off the per-camera plan and onto a multi-camera plan. I.e., if it's $50/year for one camera, but only $100 for all cameras, you may be more likely to buy more cameras since adding new ones is "free" in terms of the plans. The "Plus" plan is still cheap as chips. :wink:

And stuff like this…

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Generally agree w/you and Rick about local being better, but just to lazy to spend the time changing everything out, or to have the discussion w/the wife about why we have to replace/re-do everything. :wink:

That is why we only have Ring cameras on the outside of the house, where I really could care less who's watching. Safety Advisory: I have been known to occassionally walk around the backyard in t-shirt and underwear in the summer when potty-breaking the dogs, so consider yourselves forewarned, that sh_t cannot be un-seen. :wink:


Yes.. but... in this case you/I are paying for convenient cloud storage and a strong set of features, so it really depends on what value you see that as.

For me worth every penny and the simplicity of what my non-tech friendly wife can do.


Thanks for the warning. Last thing we want is never ending nightmare :rofl: would be funny on TikTok though.


Odd that it’s been laggy for you? I would expect that you have a pretty quick network…

Ring has been working well here - I have a bunch of their doorbells & cameras, and like @danabw, I don’t have any in critical areas where I would care that outsiders can see. Anyone watching my camera feeds will be very bored very quickly!!!

Absolutely. Particularly when you are sweeping the driveway, that's our least favorite part. Can you do more of the raking the lawn and yelling at the children? :wink:

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So you were the one watching my feed! I was wondering who it was…

(BTW - My lawn would be very difficult to rake right now - under 10 inches of snow… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

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But that's what makes it funny!! :wink:

We better shutup, or Rick is going to banish us...

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I do local storage with my Reolink... WAF very high with both the Reolink and Camect apps. She loves when she gets notified about squirrel, raccoon, or cat on our front porch.... Always wants to go and pet them..lol (Camect AI is really good)


How are you doing the Ring local storage?

Local or cloud wont matter if your internet goes down and that does happen..... there are down sides for both.

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What is Ring Edge and how does it work?

Ring Edge gives you local video storage and processing for select Ring Security Cameras and Doorbells. With Ring Edge, you can locally process Smart Alerts and store videos using Ring Alarm Pro and a microSD card. You can also watch your saved videos via the Ring App. To use Ring Edge, you’ll need a Ring Alarm Pro and a Ring Protect subscription. Additionally, a microSD card is required for Local Video Storage. All sold separately.

The Pro also has 24h battery backup and cellular backup to stay connected.


In the end, though access to my cameras has been useful in some cases, it's mostly been useful in tracking the arrival and departure of house/dog sitters (driveway camera and doorbell cam) to ensure they are completing their duties, and getting glimpses of wildlife.

In the end I think that's why I don't care if it's local or cloud, and regardless if internet is out (as senor Evil notes) it's all over no matter what for live camera remote access. There is a positive for cloud/Ring in that case, even if internet was out at home I'd at least have access to anything that went to the Ring cloud before internet was lost.

So I've got that goin' for me. :wink:

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I'm not, I do local storage with my reolink doorbell. Sorry if I was not more clear...

That reminds me, I need to get off my rear and run ethernet to the the camera spots. Really getting tired of the delays with Nest cam notifications.

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