Ring path and step lights

Has anybody tried pairing the Ring solar lights with Hubitat? I just ordered one to test out and would like to get motion triggers in HE. I would also like independent control over the light but I would be happy with just the motion events.

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I don’t believe those are zwave? So they won’t pair. I haven’t tried the lights but the community integration might work.

With @codahq no longer supporting HE the Unofficial Ring Integration I'm not sure if it works with that device or not. It does have the beam motions listed so you could try it.

Yeah. It still exists and is useable though. Just not maintained


All the repos are down, so where would one get it from?

EDIT: Never mind I found your post, and updated mine, thanks

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Yeah the whole Ring support situation is a mess. I was ready to buy a hub just to run the Ring integration on when went out of stock. Then the falling out.

I was thinking that Ring was Zigbee but now I remember that's not the case. Oh well, they are cheap enough that if I can't pair it directly with HE it won't be a big deal.

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Some sensors/extenders are but not those devices. I think "requires Ring Bridge" is your 1st sign it is not Z-Wave. You can also check the "Power and Connectivity" for

Z-Wave (250-foot range to Base Station)


Wireless connection to Ring Bridge

Yeah it seems it doesn't even hook up to the Ring alarm base station.


Oh well, I have a couple of power challenged locations so it still looks like Ring is my best bet.

Yea, I ended up getting 5 White Ring Steplights (and the required bridge that they don't offer as a bundle .. grrrr) for my interior stairway. They do require setup in the Ring app and can be grouped. Mine trigger in the evening when either the top or bottom light senses motion, which at that point the entire group comes on in sequence (pretty cool). When illuminated, they look pretty good and are more than enough lighting even on the lowest setting to see the stairs (I'll have to take a picture tonight)

They do integrate into Alexa app and I set up a virtual switch (Alexa can't change the state of a virtual motion detector) to then trigger a rule that turns on the Kitchen cove lighting for 5 minutes when the hub in in Night mode (mode I set when I go to bed). Works well, just need to mess with the rule that that kitchen lights only go on when the top steplight followed by the bottom steplight senses motion. Right now, my rule will trigger the kitchen cove light if I pass by it (Night mode only) and will retrigger the Kitchen Cove light when I go back up the stairs (if I'm down stairs for more than 5 min). The rule is currently rudimentary, but works for now. If there were Zigbee/Z-Wave battery powered options I would have gone that route.

Alexa Routine:

Rule Machine:
Steplight Motion Rule

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Here are some pics of the lights from the same vantage point in the daytime (off) and evening (on). This is the lowest setting.


Thanks, I had already ordered one of the solar step lights to play with. I went back and got the bundle with two path lights and a bridge. Everything gets here today. I had hoped to pair them with HE, oh well.

I’m mostly interested to see how they behave with street traffic. The step light will be on the steps leading from the sidewalk.

I have a Ring Doorbell 2 at the gate. The extra motion sensor might let me dial in the detection better. The battery powered devices aren’t as good at detection as the powered devices.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensors on the step lights. I have mine set so it takes about ~3 feet away to trigger