Ring outdoor contact work with HE7 only?

Will this Ring outdoor contact sensor work with HE7 via my existing Zigbee or Z-Wave network with no Ring range extenders or any other Ring devices or account whatsoever? Any other device suggestions for a nearby outdoor gate? Thanks!

Ring Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0923BK77S/

Should directly connect to the C7 w/S2 (Ring Alarm hub is ZWave+). @bcopeland would be the man to ask though.

Without knowing the distance and obstructions in-between this is almost impossible to determine.. The device will connect and function properly if it is in range of the hub or a nearby repeater..


OK. Great!

Range is not an issue.

I have just seen Ring devices described as using a "proprietary Z-Wave network" and I don't have a Ring range extender, Ring hub, or Ring account.

I have one that does work on my gate outside, but the open/close status is a bit slow. Also, it doesn't always update to "closed" each time I close my gate. I have a solid mesh and I've tried multiple drivers with the same result

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