Ring Outdoor Contact Sensor?

Has anyone used these? Would like to get them for our gates.

Since says requires "Ring Alarm" it should be a Z-Wave+ device and would I assume use the Gen 2 driver. So the remaining variable is how good is your Z-Wave mesh at the gate(s)?

Should be zwave, but it isn't on the zwave alliance page.... Although I will say since becoming an independent alliance they have not been updating the web page like they used to... There are a few devices I actually have the zwave cert /cert # for that aren't in the catalog at all yet, for instance.


I guess we'll find out! Definitely going to run a repeater as close as possible to it.

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I posted this elsewhere but something like this for an outdoor repeater and control some lighting too... maybe. Price is decent.

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I'm using two of them on a wrought iron gate about 50 feet away from closes z-wave repeater seem to work fine so far. I use to use an indoor contact sensor sealed with silicone that performed the same as this one just a little inconvenient when replacing batteries. I was able to include at the gate area.


I have had a couple of Ecolink contact sensors outside, not sealed, for several months with practically no issue…

I say practically because one stopped working at some point. We found it in a puddle of water - it had somehow fallen off its spot. I opened it up, removed the battery, let it dry, added a fresh battery and it has been working great since!

Now to see if it will survive a Canadian winter!

I was thinking of getting one of those Ring sensors, but will wait to see if my Echolink keep surviving outside first…

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I forgot to add, I had signal problems with one of the contact sensors on the outward side of the gate not facing a repeater. The solution for me was to use king starboard as a backing plate, I'm sure any non metallic backing plate would work.

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Anyone know if these will work with the C-5 hub? I've had no issues with 1st gen but i hear 2nd can be more picky, is that right?

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