Ring Mailbox Sensor - not pairing

I wanted to add a motion sensor to my mailbox to know when the mail has arrived. The Ring Mailbox sensor sounded perfect on paper, comes with an external antenna that goes on the outside of the metal mailbox so the Z-wave range is more likely to connect.

Well I can't find a way to pair it with the HE C-7. I also have Z-wave Ring indoor motion sensors but the button on those vs. this mailbox sensor have completely different behavior. Pressing the button for 3 seconds does not put the mailbox motion sensor into classic inclusion mode like the regular sensors I have all over the house.

Anyone figured out the button sequence to make this pair correctly? There is no manual I can find from Ring that explains the button behavior and usage.


EDIT/SOLVED: This sensor is not Z-wave but instead LoRaWAN and this not compatible with HE.

Is it Philips Hue or Ring Mailbox Sensor?

No such Philips device exists



Sorry, my bad, meant to post Ring not Phillips. I installed two motion sensors today, one was Hue indoor and then this Ring mailbox. Too much yummy Christmas eve food and drinks.

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I don't have one of these mailbox sensors (yet :slight_smile: ), but if it's like the contact sensors it defaults to Smartstart when you go to pair it. On the contact sensors, you have to press and hold the button for 3 seconds to go into classic inclusion mode. The contact sensor also has a pinhole button that you need to press to exclude the device. Too bad they haven't released a manual for it.

As noted in the original post, I have other Ring indoor motion sensors and used to default of Smart Start and pressing the button for 3 seconds to enter classic inclusion mode. However this mailbox motion sensor does not act like that. There is no reset hole nor button on the front, only a single button under the battery cover. Pressing it for 3 seconds results in the blue LED flashing twice and then going out completely.

I also tried using Smart Start with the Hubitat iOS app like I've done with other devices but the app says the QR code on the device is not supported.

This is a pretty cool device. I have wanted to do something like this but the fact that I have a cast aluminum mailbox always made it a challenge. I know @bcopeland has done a lot of work with the Ring sensors and HE, maybe he has some thoughts?

It looks like this sensor needs the Ring Bridge, which HE does not support.

Correct.. The mailbox sensor uses a proprietary implementation of LoRaWAN. However when Z-Wave Long Range comes out you should be able to get similar ranges.


Well that stinks :frowning: Range isn't my concern, I haven't found anything else that has an external antenna.

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Thanks everyone, mystery solved. I had no idea that the Ring bridge also had LoRaWAN built-in, thought it was purely Z-wave. I've successfully used over a dozen of the Ring Z-wave contact and indoor motion sensors paired directly to the HE C-7.

Oh well, returning this mailbox sensor to Amazon and will find another way with either a contact sensor or motion sensor. My goal is to trip a virtual switch and then use Siri (and shortcut) to check status of that switch for when mail has arrived each day in the mailbox.

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