Ring Kwikset Locks not locking from Hubitat

I have been run c7 since Aug. Have Ring integration running(newer one) and everything has been fine. Have a RM4 rule to lock the kwikset lock at midnight. Stopped working a few days ago. I did upgrade Hubitat to new version about the same time but not 100% sure it was to the day that it stopped. All the rules using sensor door opens to turn on lights etc still work but now The lock never responds even though I have these in the logs.

dev:642020-11-24 06:28:00.507 pm debuglock()

This makes me think it worked but nothing. My lock does work via Ring and Alexa. Any ideas where to looK?

Also interesting is the Hubitat dashboard shows the right status. I lock it from Ring and the dashboard updates. Using the dashboard to lock/unlock just has the widget spin and never come back until I refresh the dashboard so clearly I have the integration working.

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