Ring Keypad won't set or disarm HSM

I deleted and reincluded my Ring V2 keypad. It announces armed and disarmed but you can't set or disarm from the keypad. It functions perfectly from the device page.

Anyone have any ideas?

Just started working with this myself so don’t know if I can be of any help, but need more info…for starters do you have the keypad set up in HSM? What is your HSM configuration, specifically the section for arm/disarm ### Use keypad(s) to arm/disarm

Had the exact same issue.
The fix for me was to exclude it. Make sure it is deleted, power hub down and remove power for 10 minutes. Then re-include bt Smart-Tools.

I'll give that a try Fanman.

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Kevin, Ive been using HSM for years, everything is set correctly. Thanks for weighing in though.

Well, that wasn't the question. I simply asked how you had it configured not how long you've been using HSM hoping I could be of help comparing my experiences/set up with yours. Good luck.

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It was working perfectly until I excluded and reincluded the keypad. I used the swap devices function once and tried again with manually swapping devices.

Did soft reset.
Did backup and restore.
Did disable monitoring and reenabling in HSM
Tried shutdown for 10 minutes
included manually
Included with smart start
Removed from HSM and re-added to HSM

This is definitely an issue with HSM. I think Hubitat has stopped development working on HSM. It used to work perfectly and now there are a few bugs.

That did not work.

Got it working.

Used "switch devices" to use a virtual keypad in place of the problem keypad.

Exclude the keypad. Tap the reset button with paperclip to prepare it for exclusion.

Stop HSM monitoring.
Verify no phantom devices in ZWave map.
Soft reset.
Hold reset button down on keypad until led light turns red and then goes off.
Immediatly Include keypad after reset.
Verify operation within Hubitat.
Verify operation of keypad.
Use switch devices to replace the virtual keypad with the correct one in HSM.
Verify HSM arming options.
Verify operation.

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