Ring Keypad Gen2 Chime

If there is any possibility of adding the command to trigger a chirp/chime to the driver I would really appreciate it, alternatively if anybody knows the zwave command to send that would be amazing.

AFAIK the Ring2 Chime is a WIFI device. I recently added one and attempted find it in Alexa, but it did not find it. It would be nice if it was able to to be used as a siren or alarm for something other than the doorbell.

This is only about the keypad. Ring makes a chime but that is a doorbell chime. Using the phrase "chime" here is probably confusing since what I mean is "chirp". The Ring Keypad's both v1 and v2 are zwave devices with native Hubitat drivers.

My goal here is to have the keypad chirp when my window sensors or door sensors change status, currently I have a pair of eco link sirens that have a chirp function but the chirp is kind of an annoying one relative to the nice keypad sound of the Ring.

This can already be done via the play sound command with a parameter of 0-4, which corresponds to the sound effects listed under states.

On Gen1 keypad yes but the Gen2 driver is missing this capability.

Did you figure this out? I know there’s the awesome Ring Alarm Keypad G2 Community Driver and that’s what I’m currently using. However I can’t seem to be able to set a rule for when my sensors are open to make the keypad (v2) chirp!

I think you want to use the play tone command on the community driver.

Thank you! That was enough to point me in the right direction. Not sure it's the most efficient or best way to do it, but I did this (for anyone else reading through search pages!)... Made a rule in rule machine that runs a custom action on a security keypad when a sensor opens.

I wish it had a better chirp sound than Tones 4-8 to select from but beggars can't be choosers!

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