Ring Keypad Gen 2 stopped working

My Ring Keypad Gen 2 stopped working. I checked the Zwave utility and it's status there looks fine. On the keypad, the red connection light and the blue disarm light flash every 30 seconds or so. I unplugged the keypad for a while and plugged it back in but that didn't help. Any suggestions? Thanks

Just unpluging the keypad doesn't help since it is battery powered

There is a tiny hole on the back of the keypad to rest it. Use something tiny and just press the button in the hole. Do not hold it down as that will eventually cause it to do a factory reset.

I do this on occasion as well. I do believe it will eventually connect again, but no harm in this reset.


Thanks. I saw the comment about unplugging it on the Ring support site. I knew about the battery but thought I would try the easiest way first. I will do the reset and see if that works.