Ring Keypad Gen 2 Problems

I installed one of these a couple of years ago and struggled. Now I am trying to install another one at a different location. I used Smart Start to add the device. I have tried the Ring Keypad Gen 2 - Community Driver and the Ring Alarm Keypad G2 drivers. The one I finally got working was the community version. I have excluded the device a number of times, did a factory reset and rebooted my hub. No joy. I notice that after I exclude it from the Z-Wave network, when I restart the keypad, it gets added in automatically. I don't know why that happens and how to fix this. Any help is appreciated greatly. (I have gone through other threads but have not found a solution. Thanks

Remove it from your smart-start, z-wave exclude, reboot hub, smart-start, zwave-include. It shoud than add itself to Hubitat using S2. (was able to reproduce this multiple times in the past)

When added via SmartStart, that means it'll automatically get re-included (after any exclusion) once repowered -- that's just a baked-in part of SmartStart in general. Fanman's advice should get you around that.

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I thought it was because of the Smart Start. I am not able to get to Smart Start. It seems that every time I open the app on my phone, I am getting connected via Remote Access. Not sure how to get around that.

When I connect and try to go to the z-wave tools, I get the message that I need to be on the same network as the hub. I connect to the hub using the find option but do not get the tools option.

Ignore the remote access problem. I got that working. Now on to the keypad problem.

I am now able to communicate from the hub device and send commands to the keypad. But I am unable to arm, disarm the system from the keyboard. I have added the the keypad into the HSM to enable arm/disarm but nothing happens. Ideas?