RIng Keypad Gen 2 Does not recognize key entry (one-way communication only)

Hardware: C-7
Platform Version: ( also

I have two Ring gen2 keypads. Both have stopped accepting entries using either the standard Ring Gen2 driver or the Ring Gen2 community driver. However to be fair I have been slowly implementing them so I am not sure when this started although I do know it was having the same issue on

It did work previously, although I had never implemented any advanced features available in the Community Driver.

I can control the mode via the device page on hubitat and it responds. But know keypad entries (or Motion etc..) register to the hub.

I haven't reset them as I am trying to figure out how to exclude them properly and I cannot seem to figure that out either.

Thank you


I may have read part of your question wrong so forgive me.

If you open a live log and start punching in numbers, does that register in the logs?

No. I cannot get it to receive any information from the keypad to the hub. I can however control the keypad from the hub.

Try this. Pull the batteries on keypad. Shut down the hub and unplug power at the wall (not the hub) for 5 mins. Power back up the keypad, power back on the hub and see how it is.

When you are trying to use it do you see the red wireless symbol light up?

I know my keypad occasionally does that. If you just press and dont hold the reset button done on the back of the keypad it will restart it and hopefully it will reconnect cleanly.

If not you will need to just hold that button in for 20 seconds to reset they keypad. Then go into hubitat and do a force remove.

You cant pull the batteries they are sealed in the unit.

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Ahh then perhaps just hit the restart button after the hub is powered down. I didn't realized it was a sealed battery. Trying to get his z-wave radio cleared to eliminate that possibility

I got it working. It did require a hub shutdown for 5 min and a press and hold of the reset button. It did not require a factory reset however. Thank you!.

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Did you update the zwave radio firmware yet. I will say that has also helped my keypad not have similar issues.

For a while mine required me to hit the reset button after the hub went through a restart. For me this was normally around the time when firmware updates were released. The newest zwave firmware update seems to have made this more resilient for me.

I got to where i would just do a quick check it after any restart.

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For the record, soft reset isn't a factory reset. It's a way to fix the database. (Radios are not disturbed)

Glad you got it working! What's your z-wave details page look like? Also update your z-wave firmware like @mavrrick58 recommends.

Upgraded the Z-Wave firmware. Thank you. Zwave details look good to me. No ghosts etc...

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