Ring Keypad G2 Questions Armdelay vs Exit/Entry delay on pad

I just got the keypad in and have been working on getting it setup properly with HSM. I have what i think is to strange thing that i would like clarification on or just validation if i am correct in this setup.

It looks like the driver for the Ring Keypad has options for both Arming Delay's and Entry/Exit delay. What are each of those values suppose to do in relation to HSM. HSM only has the delay value for arming and intrusion, and from what I can tell doesn't have anything explicitly for Entry/Exit delays or atleast labled that way.

What I have setup is a delay of 30 seconds. When i trigger the arming from the Ring keypad it seems to use the 30 seconds twice. Once for Arming Delay and then again for a exit delay. Key though is the second exit delay occurs after HSM is ARMED. They keypad refers to both as a exit delay. Simply put i am confused as to why the keypad is doing this.

Another strange thing that is occurring is i am getting a error in logging. It is below. The keypad still appears to work mostly as i can arm and disarm. Just something seems a little off with this since it seems to be going through the exit delay twice.

2021-02-13 12:34:28.781 pm errorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Name cannot be null. (armHome)

If i turn the delay off in HSM the error goes away and the panels seems to arm without any errors. It also after this larger test that the keypad is getting stuck after the second exit delay and i am seeing ArmingHome instead of Armed listed as the HSM state.

Can you screenshot the state variables section of the device page?

Here are two screen shots from this morning. I have continued to try to test since i have reported it.

Below are all of the details around the keypad, and then the live log from this mornings test. All HSM says is "Armed Home" once.

After digging in deeper it seems most everything actually works with a few somewhat cosmetic things not lining up. The glitches as I can tell are.

  1. The previous listed error in live logging for the Ring Gen2 Keypad
  2. The Keypad seems to get stuck at the end of the second exit delay. The LED bar for progress stays lit and it seems to think it is is disarmed mode. It does flash the armed button for a moment once the first exit delay time elapses right before the second begins. This could cause battery issues if the pad isn't connected to power.
  3. Because of the above condition when the keypad sees motion it lights up the panel as if it was disarmed. This could present confusion about the current HSM state
  4. HSM is stuck in Arming state instead of Armed.

I did identify that if you click on the Armed Home button on the device screen it seems to get the keypad out of that stuck state as a work around. I have also confirmed that though the panel seems to be behaving funny, HSM seems to still be responding as if it was fully armed and dong all of the normal activities when something is triggered. That does also seem to kick the keypad out of the bad state, and the siren sounds fine.

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Ok.. Iā€™m checking into this.. Thanks for the details

Thanks for quick response.

In case anyone is interested in a work around to get the state correct in the Keypad until this is squared away you can do it with a few simple rules in RM. You may want to first confirm this will work for you by looking at live logging during the exit delay and watch what happens between the two cycles of arming. You should see were after the first exit delay HSM reports the completed Armed status. If it doesn't this may not apply, but it works for me.

  1. Create the rule with the trigger being the completed armed action from HSM. So that would be either ArmedHome(Armed Night), or Armed Away.
  2. Set the action to use run a custom action with a actuator. Then select your keypad, or pads, and then have it use the related Armed action button on the keypad with no value.. It will go immediately into the final state on the keypad once completes the first exit delay timeout.

This will still leave HSM in the Arming state, but will get the keypad to reflect the correct state so when you view it it will display properly.

I am new to home automation and have made some progress. What is needed is a step by step instruction for setting up the Ring Keypad G2. I have been able to get it paired, have it count down the intrusion delay on entry, but can't get the disarm code to work. Does anyone have a list of steps and in what order for setting up Ring Keypad G2?

Can you arm with the code? By that I mean can you put the codr in and then press the Arm home button and have it activate

Okay, I finally have the Ring Keypad G2 working, Not sure how it happened so here are the steps I can remember.

  1. Plugged the keypad into my laptop USB. (This was the first time it fully lit up)
  2. Factory reset with pinhole in the back pressing until the red light flashed
  3. Pressed #1 until the network light flashed.
  4. Started inclusion in hubitat. There are four boxes to check (can't recall what they are) 2 of them were checked. I didn't change these.
  5. Installed and Setup Lock Code Manager
  6. finally figured out to enter the code and select the mode shield button. X for disarm, Standing man for arm home, Running man for arm away.

All is working good but haven't been able to spend time fiddling. The only goof was trying to arm with the door open. The keypad started beeping and wouldn't stop until the a code was re-entered and disarm pressed. Then with all secured I could set the alarm.

Still love the system and hopefully the Ring Keypad G2 integration will become a little clearer in upcoming releases.

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BTW, I'm seeing the exact same thing: the HSM gets stuck in Arming, and the red bar on the keypad stays on. Drains the battery in a couple of nights.

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Did you try the work around i listed above to get the keypad in the right state


By chance do we have any idea if this issue was identified for resolution in a future firmware update.

For what it is worth I have also had issues with the Ring G2 keypad.

Just in case someone else sees this:
The keypad codes were arming/disarming HSM consistently up until I manually armed it within the device page. Once I did that, the keypad would no longer unarm it. Not until I manually unarmed it from the device page would the keypad once again arm/disarm and it worked consistently this way.

Basically the keypad does not like it when something else arms or disarms it other than a code being entered. It becomes out of sync in some way. I checked the log and there is no errors.

Here is the link to the thread and conversation with @bcopeland about it.

I disabled the delay for Arming Night, and that takes care of the red LED / battery drain issue. Not sure what will happen if I Arm Away with a delay, presumably it's the same issue. I also see the same log entries -- a null reference exception saying 'name cannot be null' or something to that effect.

Well in my setup. I don't trigger the arming function until the Panel has already changed to Armed status The hub then immediately follows that action up with the armed change.

I have never had a issue when having the exit delay set to zero. It is only when using the exit delay that the problem seems to show up.

In my use case, I was hoping to use the Ring Keypad to open/close a garage door via a rule. That works, but to keep the keypad's armed/disarmed status in sync with the garage door if the door is manually opened, I need the rule to also include a section to arm/disarm the Keypad if the door is closed or opened manually. This is when the keypad failed to arm/disarm and when I debugged found it gets out of sync of sorts if it is armed/disarmed without a code being entered. Useless to me until this is fixed! :frowning:

ok so this sounds like you don't want alarm functionality at of it at all but more simply to use the code to open and close the garage door and use the status of the alarm on the keypad to represent the status of the garage door. Does that sound right?

Correct. And now after revisiting my rule I think I know where I screwed up. The keypads "securitykepad" field is driven by HSM as I learned from @bcopeland. But In my rule (circled in red) (sorry Im still a WebCore guy LOL) I attempt to change the keypad's status directly if the garage opens/closes instead of changing the status of HSM's armed/disarmed.

Thank you for getting me to think hard about this again! LOL

No prob. I was just really curious about or different experiences since I wasn't haveing aync issues. Glad we got to the bottom of it.

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