Ring Integration

I searched this forum and have not seen any recent activity.

What are people doing to integrate Ring doorbells and floodlights into Hubitat HE? I have tried the unofficial ring connect app, but I can't see any motion activity on any device and I don't believe the developer is supporting it any more.

I am migrating from Samsung SmartThings...

On the ring doorbell device you create in the integration, if you go to that device page do you see motion as one of the attributes? It should be there. Another option would just put a motion sensor out there...

I don't use Ring with the community HE app but I have it integrated via Homebridge (and Apple Home) and to HE via a virtual switch. I was having the same issue - I could see the live feed from the camera etc but the motion wasn't getting triggered. It turned out that I had to delete all the connected devices from my Ring app and then reauthorize.

The steps I followed are outlined here - Notification Troubleshooting ยท dgreif/ring Wiki ยท GitHub. Not sure if this is the issue with the HE app, so YMMV.

Hope this helps though...

I changed my "type" in the Ring Doorbell Pro device page to "Ring Alarm Motion Sensor." The motion capability popped up on the device page, but the device still does not change to active when I walk in front of it. I'm using the unofficial ring support app.

There is no motion attribute with the HE unofficial Ring integration.

yes, but it does not actually work. The Ring camera's motion are not recognized in Hubitat.

That's what I meant. It's not supported with the integration.
The driver " Ring Alarm Motion Sensor" won't work either because it's meant for a motion sensor and not for the doorbell.

Another approach (hinted at before), is to do the integration in an Alexa app (even if you don't have an alexa device).
Make up a routine in alexa
set a (virtual) switch to on when motion is detected at ring doorbell
send that virtual switch back to Hubitat via maker
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