Ring Glass Break Sensor - Homekit

Hello All:

So, kinda curious on this one.

I recently installed and paired a Ring Glass Break Sensor to my HE C7. The driver that was automatically picked was the native HE Ring Glass Break Sensor. (By the way the sensor will not function properly if you pair it using the S2 security.)

But, when I went to look for it in the HE HomeKit App, it was not listed. It was listed in my third party Homebrige app from Tonesto as a regular sensor. However when selected it did not show up in my Apple Homekit app.

In order for me to get it to show up in my Apple Homekit app, I needed to change the driver to the Ring Contact Sensor G2. The Homebridge Tonesto app validated it. And in fact it did show up in the HE Homekit App.

Any thoughts on why the Ring Glass Break sensor would not show up in homekit using the native ring glass break HE driver? Does Homekit not support it as a "shock" sensor?

Just for reference I have a number of Ring contact sensors using the native HE ring contact sensor G2 driver and they all show up in HE Homekit app, Homebridge Tonesto app and my Apple Homekit app. All work well.