Ring Floodlight Pro Cameras

I’m using the Ring Virtual Light with Siren driver and it works for me. I press « on », it takes a few seconds and the light turns on and shows as « on » on the device screen. Off, same.

Do you have the latest Ring Alarm Hub? I have the previous version, so am wondering if that might be the difference…?

Do you have polling? I have the Pro version of the Floodlights, they aren't communicating their off status properly for some reason.

I have a pro also, and it updates status when I turn it on and off. So not seeing the issue you are.

I just removed them as devices and re-discovered them and now they don't even have the switch attribute. Is there a way to repair the driver?

I've never had to play around with mine so I really have no idea how to deal with the issue you noted.

I suggest you go to the original Unofficial Ring topic and ask your question there, as that's where the integration maintainer and other Ring users hang out.


Same for me. It has just always worked.

Yeah, it's weird. The on and off button work, but if I try to use it as a switch in the dashboard it won't update the switch's status. I'm guessing because the light isn't returning an on or off attribute.

Below is a snapshot of it one camera.

I was able to get it to work with RM though, so I guess it's fine for now. I had to create a global variable as a boolean and then make sure that's either turned to true or false based on the action.

I'm sure there's something wrong with the driver, even after I re-installed it. But... not going to waste anymore time on it for now. haha

It sucks that the attribute is missing because I can't check if the light is turned on from the Ring app. I'll need to mess around with it a bit more to see if there's an easier solution.


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Yea, that does suck - and is odd. Mine does report back its status.