Ring extender voltage?

Has anyone opened a Ring extender? I'm going to try to use one in an area that only has 240vac and low voltage/12vdc and was wondering what voltage the internal transformer of the Ring unit steps the voltage down to.

I know i can get a power inverter/boost transformer, but i do not want to go that way yet. I want to run low voltage dc directly to the board.

I never bothered to look before, but the label shows this extender as accepting 100-240vac.... Though i don't know if it would be code compliant to wire a 110 outlet to 220 (hot wire on both conductors). Not to mention it wouldnt be properly protected by the large amerage breaker.

I just thought it was strange to have this rating.

I may have to cut one open and find out what voltage the circuit runs on.

I am thinking it's 4.2vdc?

There are internal pics on the fcc site as wwll: