Ring doorbell questions

I know this has nothing to do with Hubitat, but I'm hoping someone here can help me.

I just installed a Ring doorbell for a family member. The first problem is it won't ring the mechanical bell in the house, but her Alexa will announce that there's someone at the door. From what I've read, if you have an Alexa and it announces this, the option for the mechanical bell will not be there, which it's not. But I can't find any way to disable Alexa from the equation.

Second question is about the Ring app on Android. I have an iPhone, and I get an alert on screen, and i can touch the alert, and it goes right to the Ring App, and to the video the alert was about. On her phone (android), you have to open the phone, then manually go to the Ring app, but then when you go to the video "timeline" it goes to a live view automatically, instead of the recorded video.

For the bell You need to make sure the resistor is installed properly inline with the doorbell wires.

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I have experience with two different popular Ring doorbell models. Which model was installed? (link to amazon page would be best if you have it).

The one I have in my house specifically CAN NOT use the existing chime, you have to install a bypass on it for the device to work properly. The one I installed for someone else, will ring the chime and when setting up the app it had me test it with various settings to see which one worked best. Basically simulating a short press vs a longer press I think.

Not sure where you read this, but it is incorrect. The one I installed for my niece does both.

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