Ring Devices Polling

IFTTT used to be the best way to "poll" for motion but since they reduced Applet to just 2 free ones, I have been forced to find another way. I am happy to share that I found an alternative which is just as good.

  1. Create virtual switches in Hubitat that can be triggered by Alexa (auto-off within 5 seconds)
  2. Add "Hubitat" skill to Alexa
  3. Link those virtual switches to Alexa
  4. Create a 'Routine' in Alexa to turn the desired virtual switch on when motion is detected from one of the ring devices

The possibility is endless. You can link the same virtual switches to Google Home to connect Alexa to Google Home.

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You can do the same with doorbell motion. I have been for almost 3 years. Only issue for RING is that it is Internet dependent for these functions. If I did it again, I would look for something with local comms for the motion and ring functions.

(I just had my AT&T internet access failed for 24 hours (neighborhood wide). My local LAN devices worked great; however, it was still messed up not being able to use Alexa. Thinking of wireless 5G access point for the future.)

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