Ring Device Support

With the 2.2.1 release I see that Ring contact sensors and motion sensors are supported. Is there any documentation for this? How do we discover these devices?


These are Z-Wave devices and can be included using the normal process for those devices on Hubitat. On the Ring side, you'll have to put the sensor in pairing/inclusion mode. I'm not sure how well that is documented in Ring's documentation, but here are instructions for most:

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Official docs are in progress. Check back later today.


I see. I was thinking this was a LAN-based integration. My ring devices are already z-wave paired with the ring hub.

There was a community LAN integration for some of those devices, but the author recently pulled his code. If you find a fork of it that you're comfortable using, it may still work, but I'm not sure what anyone who is/was using that plans to do going forward.


Yes. To be clear, there will not be any official documentation on joining devices to a Ring Hub or joining a Ring hub to Hubitat Elevation. Only the four (now listed) Ring Alarm devices in the compatible devices list.

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I used IFTTT to integrate my Ring doorbell, and now use HassIO

Is there a way for Hubitat to know which mode the Ring Alarm is currently in (Disarmed/Home/Away)?

Ring doesn't directly integrate into HE, but you could use virtual devices from HE to help monitor the mode

Thank you can you expand for a newbee on how I would use a virtual device. I think I have the understanding of how to create a virtual device I just don't know how to get the info from Ring Alarm into a virtual device.

I don't use modes ( :scream:), but I would assume it works the same as other features that can be presented from ring. I do however use the ring doorbell ringing feature for somethings.

What I did was (initially) through IFTTT (how HA), I linked it to my ring account. I also linked by HE hub and presented the virtual device. Whenever the doorbell was rang (rung?), it would turn on the virtual device. In HE, I then had a rule to turn on some lights when the virtual switch was turned on (basically turning on the front lights if someone rang the bell after sunset).

For your purposes, it would depend on how many modes you are using. If 2, you can use one switch (on = mode1, off = mode2). If more, you can either use a single virtual switch per mode (on = mode active, off = mode disabled), but just make sure to turn off the other switches when one turns on (could be accomplished through IFTTT or in HE). Then depending on the mode in ring, you can set the switch to on/off. As this virtual switch is provided by HE, it would then trigger it in HE accordingly.

Great description and that would work but unfortunately I don't see a way for IFTTT to integrate with anything other than lights, cams and doorbells? Therefore I still can't read the mode via IFTTT. (I would love to be wrong!)

Seems to be an ask in the ring community. I guess there's no way to manage the modes outside of manually setting it...hooray automation

So I have managed to do this with a combination of Alexa routines and some virtual switches! Thanks to @bobbyD for the pointer.

Alexa routine switches virtual switches in HE when alarm state changes. These switches effectively act as a ring alarm state monitor. (Just be sure to have them operate so only one can be on a at time). I am using 3 switches, one for each state but of course you could bring out the binary and reduce this to two.

Once you have the state you can then trigger anything you want to do based on state.

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I had Alexa / Ring integrated with Hubitat through IFTT. When I armed my system, Alexa Guard would trigger Hubitat to change to Away Mode, When I disarmed my system, Guard would trigger Hubitat to change to one of three various Home modes, depending on time of day. All of the other automation would refer to the current mode. This worked FLAWLESSLY for several months, until about 2 weeks ago, when suddenly... it didn't! I checked my IFTTT dashboard and the connections that I'd created to communicate to Hubitat were suddenly GONE! Has anyone else experienced this? Now, when I try to create custom IFTTT integration with Alexa, I no longer see Guard Disarmed / Armed as options. It was there before! Any other thoughts on how to let Hubitat know when Ring system is armed / disarmed. I understand there are no plans for Hubitat to integrate directly with Ring, and I understand that. But I had a workaround that was accomplishing what I needed, and now, any automation that's dependent on whether Ring its Armed / Disarmed has fallen apart! Thanks!!

I was able to automatically switch my Hubitat to "Away" mode depending on my Ring status (Armed vs Disarmed) by this method:

  1. I created a virtual switch on HE called "Ring Sensor". This link below will lead you to a YouTube video on how to create this virtual switch.


  1. As in the video above, you have to create routines on the Alexa app that tells Alexa to " turn on" the virtual switch that you had previously created called "Ring Sensor" in Hubitat. I believe that I created 2 or 3 routines in the Alexa app for this purpose. Just follow the above video.

  2. Next, on Hubitat you would want install Mode Manager app if you had not done so already. Click on " Set mode with switches". Then click on " Set Away Mode with this switch(s) ON". Check "Ring Sensor" and then click update.

That is it. Whenever, your Ring alarm system is "Armed" either home or away, it will automatically turn on the Ring Sensor on HE that you created. Once Ring Sensor is "ON", your HE will automatically switch to "AWAY" mode. Hope this helps. It is working very well for me.