RIng Contact Senor (G2)

There might be an obvious answer and logic to my question, but I want to ask.
I just paired the Ring G2 and everything works fine Device Name updated as it should and I added the Device Label

When I go to Apps and add the device to my dashboard both Device Name and Device Label pop up as separate devices.


Is this normal/common and by default? Making me crazy wondering why the device is showing up 2x but under different names.

Be nice I'm still green behind the ears.

Thanks you,

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Device name vs Device label on the device page itself

Thank you and I understand that, maybe im not explaining or getting my question across. When I have added other devices in the past it never shows up as two separate devices like it does above.

When I go to Hubitat Dashboards to add it to my dashboard it shows up 2X. Once as Basement Slider (Device Label) & once as Rings Alarm Contact Senor G2 (Device Name).

I am just curious why it shows up as two different devices as shown below.

Ahh that is strange. @bravenel any insight?

Parent and child device? I don't have any of these, so I really don't know.

Its the same device showing up 2x under devices. Its once showing up as the Device Label and once as the Device Name.

Wonder if anyone else using the G2 has it coming up 2x?

Also, is there a way to limit how many times it poles to get the battery level and what does debug mean?

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