Ring Chime Integration

Hello All,

Is the Jury still out on Ring Chime integrations of any type, I heard the API was not open to us.

Thank You

Ring's API is proprietary and Hubitat has no integration (directly, at least) at this time. However,
I'm not aware of any official integrations that allow you to use the Chime as a standalone device, if that's what you're asking. (If you want an alternative, you may wish to consider the Aeon Siren/Doorbell 6, Sonos, or a tablet or computer with LANnouncer or VLCthing, though these last two aren't native.)

In fact, I'm not aware of any unofficial integrations that do, either (e.g., Home Assistant). Both of these leads me to believe there's little hope for using the Chime in this manner--and in the case of Hubitat even less since you'd need to involve a third party to make it work at all right now (and possibly indefinitely; it's possible Amazon/Ring isn't willing to work with new or smaller players).

May not be what your looking for, but the ring components are available to trigger routines in Alexa. I use the front door contact to trigger an Alexa routine that turns on a couple of front room lights between sunset and 12 AM. Virtual switch in HE (2 loops thought the cloud but works for me) have also made announcement on google mini and that also works. Turned off the announcement as I live alone and it was just a test.

I am all Google, so no luck with Alexa :slight_smile:

I will look at the Aeon Siren/Doorbell 6 though, I want to link to my doorbell via my dash and also eliminate the yearly charge for Ring products.

Thanks Again

It's 'Aeotec', just in case you struggle to find it in a search. Thoroughly recommend it. It's a great device.


I reversed the private API to add chime functionality. If you want to help me test it let me know.

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